Karate, kickboxing, BJJ or self-defense? Choose them all, choose Honbu!

In Honbu, Koryu uchinadi karate is combined with other karate styles and martial arts. The aim is to become, physically and mentally, a good fighter.

Karate club Honbu

Welcome to the Students' Karate Club Honbu! We welcome all existing martial artists and karatekas-to-be to join our lively group of fighters. We arrange a beginner's course once a year starting in September. The next course starts 18th of September 2018. If you already know karate, you might want to start at the practices for the upper belts.

Training in summer 2019

Beginner's Course

Sign up for beginner's course by showing up to any practice during September. The only equipment you need is loose fitting sports clothing

Training is free until the end of September, after that just pay the Honbu membership fee. Teaching language will be a mix of Finnish and English. Usually our foreign students get along just fine :)  For more information contact anyone at "Hallitus" page.

For more experienced martial artists

You are more than welcome to practice with us too! We train Koryu uchinadi  -style karate but the style is suitable for those from other styles and arts as well. Turn up to training or contact us and we'll find the best training palette for you.

Club membership

To train in Honbu, you need to pay the club membership -->

IMPORTANT: Everyone also needs to fill the membership information form

There's a small addition fee for the belt exams. Karate-Gi (Karate suit) is required in the exam.

We also recommend the karate license insurance from Finnish Karate Federation and Pohjola. 

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