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Karate, kickboxing, BJJ or self-defense? Choose them all, choose Honbu!

In Honbu, Koryu Uchinadi karate is combined with other karate styles and martial arts. The aim is to become, physically and mentally, a good fighter.

Karate club Honbu

Welcome to the Students' Karate Club Honbu! We welcome all existing martial artists and karatekas-to-be to join our lively group of fighters. We sometimes call the club "academic karate club" since most of our members are or have been university students in the Metropolitan region. AND we like to understand the art of karate in many different levels, evaluate and re-evaluate our practices - and talk a lot about it!

Honbu is above all a community where everything is run by volunteers: all our trainings and happenings, communication and financial matters are done by us, fellow members. We don't have one sensei to dictate our curriculum or behaviour – there is a board or a council to do the mandatory and legal things, and the trainings are developed and implemented by a group of expererienced Honbu karatekas.

We arrange a beginner's course once a year (normally) starting in September and possibly also another in January/February.

Beginner's Course

Sign up for beginner's course by the form on the front page. The only equipment you need is loose fitting sports clothing.

Training is free for the first month, after that just pay the Honbu membership fee (purchaseable from around the end of September). The classes are taught in Finnish and English depending on the needs of the crowd. For more information contact Honbu board (hallitus at and we will gladly help you with anything!

For more experienced martial artists

You are more than welcome to practice with us too! We train Koryu Uchinadi style karate but the style is suitable for those from other styles and arts as well. Just contact us and we'll find the best training palette for you.

Club membership + training fee

To train in Honbu, you need to pay the club membership and training fee, both available in the Honbu Shop in Holvi.

There's a small addition fee for the belt exams. Karate-Gi (Karate suit) is required in the exam.

We also recommend the karate license insurance from Finnish Karate Federation and Pohjola.

To subscribe to Honbu's mailing list (which sends important information about training times and locations, belt exams, seminars, and other events by Honbu), send an email to majordomo[at], with empty subject line and the message "subscribe honbu-posti".